Saturday, August 23, 2008

Anti-Aging Foot Care

Luck is with you, there are many antiaging products including natural organic solutions on the market to help you take care of your feet. Your feet need, at this time in life, extra anti-aging foot care and pampering to stay looking great as you get older.

You will have to make a regular habit of getting a pedicure. It’s worth paying the extra money for a really good pedicure where they will completely take care of your feet. Try to find a salon which uses mostly allnatural products, rich moisturizing creams and follows strict rules for cleanliness. Some salons are now using nail polishes which don’t contain any of the harmful chemical ingredients which can irritate the skin and have been proven to causebirth defects in animals. These harmful ingredients include:

  • Toluene
  • Formaldehyde
  • Dibutyl phthalate (DBP)

Just before you hop into bed at night, smother your feet with a foot cream such as Burt’s Bees’ Coconut Oil Foot Crème or a highly moisturizing foot or body butter and massage it into your tired feet. Place a pair of cotton socks on your feet so the butter does not get on your bedsheets. This will keep your feet softer and looking younger.. I suggest you try the Burt’s Bees onut Oil Foot Crème because it’s anexcellent choice for anti-aging foot care, softens tough skin, moisturizes, smells great and is 98.6% natural ingredients.making it a wise organic choice.

We also like Bio-Sana’s waterproof foot buffer /callus remover / to keep in the shower. Use it a few times a week will keep the soles of your feet smooth and soft between visits to the salon for a pedicure. This has to be the best rough skin and callus remover on the market for anti-aging foot care.

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