Friday, September 26, 2008


A Better Anti-Aging Cosmetic Filler

Looking for a cosmetic surgery which takes the years off your face? I will share with you this great anti-aging tip – a process I am definitely a fan of. Another anti-aging cosmetic filler like Botox is a product called Artecoll, made by Canderm Pharma Inc. One of the benefits of Artecoll is that it is a much longer lasting filler than either Botox or Restylane. Since the 1930s, it has been used for eye lenses, dental work and bone repair, so it has a known safety factor for quite some time now.

As an anti-aging treatment, it is used to add volume and structure to your skin as it ages. It is used by clinicians as a solution for acne scars, frowns, laugh lines (nasal labial folds) and thin lips. It is quite successful in building up lost volume in the face.

This bio-compatible solution is made of collagen and microscopic PMMA beads and added lidocaine to help with the pain of the injection site. By stimulating natural collagen production, it “binds” with the collagen building volume and structure to your face where required, this whole process takes from two to three months to be activated. Occasionally a patient will require two or three applications to get the results you are looking for as an anti-aging treatment.

How long will this antiaging procedure last? Artecoll will last for 10 or more years. To get Artecoll, you must have an experienced doctor inject Artecoll. One in a thousand people can be allergic to Artecoll so if you are worried, you can have a sensitivity test performed on your skin. If Artecoll proves to be the option for you, then you may experience some redness, swelling, bumps, bruising and itchiness which you can deal with by using cold compresses and acetaminophen, These side effects will disappear in a few day. Another bonus besides getting lost volume replaced in your face is that there is no downtime with Artecoll. If you want you can have this done on your lunch hour and return to work that afternoon. However, I would recommend having it done on a Friday and if there is any redness of bruising, you have the weekend in front of you so the redness or bruising will subside.

Consult with your antiaging doctor to find out if Artecoll is the solution for you. As a booster to collagen production in your skin and an excellent way of giving back lost volume to your face, even though it is slightly higher in price than Botox, I highly recommend Artecoll injections.

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