Thursday, November 27, 2008

Are There Such Things as Anti Aging Pills ?

Would it not be great if we could all buy an anti aging pill? Just pop it into our mouth and we look young again! Sounds far fetched but the cosmetic industry keeps on making “anti aging pills” every week and there are thousands of individuals who buy them.

The fact is that nature can not be reversed-no matter what the industry says. The best treatment we have today for aging is prevention. As far as reversing what you have on your face, everything we have today is an illusion. While botox injection will make you look young for a few months, there is as yet no anti aging pill that even comes close to it. Almost every type of ingredient has been formulated into an anti aging pill and hyped up to reverse signs of aging.

Pills containing DHEA have for years been touted to reverse or erase the signs of aging.
DHEA is a steroid precursor for the male and femal sex hormones. The industry claims that taking pills containing DHEA can make you feel and look young. Further athletes use DHEA to enhance performance. But do these pills work? Is there any individual out there who can come forward and actually claim that his/her looks have been altered by taking a DHEA pill? The simple answer is NO.

There have been many scientific studies carried out not only on DHEA but other anti aging pills. As far as DHEA is concerned, one French study found that the pills did not erase the wrinkles but certainly increased libido. On this side of the Atlantic, DHEA has been extensively studied. While the pills have not shown to have any harmful side effects at low doses, DHEA did not do much to the figure or skin texture. This industry claimed that no anti aging effects were seen because the pill was used at low doses. However, health care experts remain concerned that high doses of DHEA may increase the risk of certain cancers.

Asides from DHEA, HGH is also rumored to have anti aging properties. HGH is sold in various formulations in health food stores and is claimed to be the ideal anti aging pill. So far HGH and its anti aging benefits remain illusive as no one has any proof that it does anything.

There are many other products out in cyberspace touted to work anti aging pills. And in each and every case, the pills do not come cheap. Unfortunately, the majority of anti aging pills are infact marketed by health care workers who simply want to make money with exorbitant claims. For the present, the best anti aging pill does not come in a bottle or as capsule. Before you embark on a fruitless journey in search of Pandora’s box, use the following anti aging prescription- exercise regularly, eat healthy and avoid smoking. This free and cheap anti aging pill promises little but will deliver the results. Slow, sure and safe..

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