Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Agony of Acne- Men’s Skin Care

Men are pretty hardy humans and ignore such subjects as men's skin care. They can withstand many things in life- like a nagging wife, obsessive girlfriend, snowstorms, ice, tornadoes, no car and so on- but one thing men fall apart is when it comes to acne. Acne is a terrible skin disorder and can create havoc in a man’s life.

Millions of individuals are affected by acne. Acne strikes men in their prime and no one is immune to this dreaded condition. Every race, culture and ethnic group gets affected by acne. The skin disorder is embarrassing, unpleasant to look at and often presents suddenly when you wake up in the morning. Some unlucky individuals develop many acne pimples over the face, neck, back, and chest. Current estimates indicate that at least 80% of men are affected by acne at some point in their lives. There is absolutely nothing worse than acute acne- then perhaps having a small penis.

In the majority of cases, acne comes and goes. However, for some unfortunate individual acne can be very disfiguring. It can impact self esteem, cause anxiety, lead to depression and even social isolation. Men skin care is the only solution - to take care of your skin.

Acne generally occurs soon after puberty and peaks around the later part of the 2nd decade of life. Acne is not seen after the 3rd decade of life.

When acne is not treated in a timely fashion or if one mucks around with the pimples, it can lead to ugly scars. And these acne scars are like herpes- they never completely disappear. However, all is not bad news for acne suffers. Today, we have a few effective medications that can improve the facial cosmetics.

Because no one knows what really causes acne (not even Dr Spock), there are a lot of myths surrounding this skin condition. Firstly, acne has nothing to do with poor facial hygiene. One can clean the face every single day with Dove soap and still get acne. Acne is not acquired from smog or from any environmental pollutant. Acne has not been linked to any genes and so it is very unlikely you got it from your parents. Every single type of food has been linked to acne but there is no scientific evidence that any food in particular can cause acne. Some individuals believe that acne can only be treated with herbs and nutrients. Buying expensive soaps and creams can heal acne is also another far fetched myth.

To treat acne one must understand the disease process. First, you must follow a process of mens skin care. Everyone has hair on their bodies and each hair follicle has a gland. These glands secrete oils that travel up the pores and cover the skin surface. When these pores get blocked, either from the excess oil or dead skin or other debris- acne results. Because the oil continues to be secreted at a constant rate, a pimple starts to form. This explains why when you squeeze a pimple; you extract fatty or oily junk. Sometimes the pimples get very large and rupture on their own. We also have a variety of bacteria which live on the skin. If the environment is great, these bacteria will start to grow in the pores, mix with the oil and produce the typical redness and skin rash that is common with acne.

To treat acne, one must follow a men's skin care routine and find a medication that will either clear the oils, kill the bacteria or do both.

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