Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Antiaging | Collagen Creams

There are many of us who simply hate getting old. This is not something new. Since biblical times men has been in search for the magic bullet to reverse aging. And after thousands of years, we are still at square one. There is no magical antiaging cream, lotion or potion out there which can turn back time. The internet is inundated with almost everything underneath the sun that can reverse signs of an aged skin. In reality, the majority of these antiaging creams only empty your pockets. In the last few years however, there is some evidence that certain anti aging ingredients may help lighten up scars and fines lines on the face. Antiaging Creams known to contain copper peptides, Argireline and Matrixyl have been shown to even out lines and erase scars. Another product which has been postulated to reverse the signs of aging is collagen. Collagen is a natural component of body tissues and plays a vital role in maintaining tissue support, hydration and providing nourishment.

When levels of collagen in the body decline the tissues will appear shrunk, wrinkled and the skin will show evidence of sagging. Collagen is the key. If collagen can be resynthesised, at least some features of aging can be slowed or reversed.

In the body, collagen is synthesized from precursor amino acids, ascorbic acid and copper. A number of collagen creams are widely sold on the cosmetic market. However, the question is how much collagen does get absorbed through the skin?

There are no clinical data on collagen creams and their efficacy; there are some testimonials by individuals who claim that such collagen creams have improved their facial features. But the fact is that the majority of beauty and cosmetic firms who sell antiaging creams | collagen creams rarely have any other evidence to back up their claims.

Now some cosmetic companies have come up with another approach to collagen. The latest ingredients like Argireline and Matrixyl are said to increase the synthesis of collagen in tissues and boost strength and elasticity. This leads to a younger and smoother looking skin. Further, many cosmetic firms are now adding a variety of anti oxidants and extracts from plants to fight aging and boost the synthesis of collagen. So far, the merits of such newer collagen creams remain unknown.

The only sure way to temporarily reverse signs of aging is surgery or BOTOX. Short of that, one is going to be spending a lot of money buying collagen creams containing antiaging ingredients which have little value.

But all is not lost. For those of you who want to prevent aged skin, eat healthy, exercise and quit smoking. The real antiaging creams will perhaps be available one day- but this is in future.

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