Saturday, February 14, 2009

How Collagen Pills can Help?

In the search for the fountain of youth, everyone is going to extremes. For the past few decades, people have been splashing themselves with holy water from various rivers of the world, then applying sediment from the Dead Sea and now we have collagen pills. Can a collagen pill help you achieve your goals?

Every major cosmetic and beauty company sells some type of collagen pills which are touted to reverse aging. First the basics-Collagen is an essential component of our body. It provides structure, support and keeps us looking young. When collagen disappears from the body usually with age, the tissues shrink, fine lines appear and the skin becomes wrinkled. While collagen generally disappears with age, individuals who smoke or have extensive history of sun exposure can develop premature aging.

So this is where the collagen pills fit in.

The collagen pills have been formulated so that they can replace the collagen lost from your skin. The collagen pills release the collagen molecules which then incorporate into the tissues. Further, the collagen pills also contain certain ingredients that will help the body stimulate its own synthesis. The overall result is a firmer, younger and smoother looking skin.

Other chemicals that can also augment collagen pills are zinc, copper and iron. All these three minerals can stimulate collagen synthesis. Individuals who only take collagen pills will not see a great difference in their skin unless they take some of these essential mineral. One does not have to buy extra vitamins- there is ample iron, zinc and copper in most fruits and vegetables.

A very important fact about collagen pills is to take it with lots of water and food. This is to prevent it from being broken down by the acid in the stomach. When the collagen pills are taken as a whole, they quickly get absorbed into the blood stream and start working. The results of collagen pills on the skin are not immediate. Remember the collagen has to find its way to the tissues and has to be incorporated into the new growing skin. This takes about 5-14 days. The maximum cosmetic benefit after collagen pills appear at the end of 4 weeks. Unfortunately, a few individuals do not see an anti aging benefit after collagen pills- but there is a reason for that.

One of the chief reasons why collagen pills do not work in all individuals is because people are not compliant with the therapy. The pills have to be taken in regularly. Some of the collagen does get broken down in the stomach but most of its gets absorbed. So if one takes the collagen pill on a regular basis, the anti aging effects will appear. Those who have problems with acidity should take the collagen pills with n anti ulcer drug or food.

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