Saturday, January 21, 2012

Do wrinkles cause any symptoms?

In general, wrinkles and fine lines cause no physical symptoms. The only known symptoms are psychological- no one likes to see their face with wrinkles. Wrinkles can present as fine lines, deep furrows or crevices. They are most obvious around the eyes, neck, and corners of the mouth. Many people tend to develop wrinkles along the lines of laughter. Constant sleeping on one side of the face can also induce wrinkles along the cheek and mouth area.

Anyone who is concerned with wrinkles and has mental anguish should see a skin physician. While there are many non-healthcare professionals who are into treatment for wrinkles, these individuals lack professional training and have little idea about the skin physiology. Moreover, when complications occur, these non-healthcare professional have little idea what to do next. Best advice; seek help from a skin professional if you want to keep on looking young.

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