Thursday, March 29, 2012

Suzanne Somers Hormone Cream

Women all over the world were encouraged to view aging in a new light when the media picked up the story of the Suzanne Somers hormone cream. This beautiful and ageless actress made the world sit up and take notice when she told Oprah that she was using bioidentical hormones to cling on to her youthful good looks for as long as possible. In fact, she can be said to be the unofficial ambassador of the use of bioidentical hormones to treat a variety of ailments.

Until the story of the Suzanne Somers hormone cream broke women thought that they had no option but to accept the fact that life would change with the onset of menopause or because of hormonal imbalances brought upon by a hysterectomy. The most common problems they would have to deal with would include hot flashes, weight gain, memory loss, reduced libido, insomnia and osteoporosis. In addition, their skin would lose its elasticity and they would also experience a lot of hair fall.

Conventional hormone treatments were not very popular because of the side effects involved. However, the news that Suzanne Somers used hormone creams containing progesterone and was looking radiantly beautiful as a result of it definitely created a lot of interest in the subject. Somers has taken great pains to elaborate the differences between bioidentical hormones (which she uses) and regular ones that are made artificially. Bioidentical ones have fewer negative side effects since they are exactly like the ones that the body creates on its own.

Suzanne Somers said that hormone cream supplements are very easy to obtain and to use. She also cautions that they have to be used in limited quantities in order to avoid endometrial build up that can lead to health issues. Lots of women are now leading sexy, healthy and active lives because of her efforts.

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