Saturday, July 12, 2008

Make Your Own AntiAging Skin Pampering Moisturizers

To pamper your skin, trying making your own anti-aging skin care oils by starting out with a carrier oil to use as a base in order to mix with other essentials oils to lusciously treat your skin. By using organic oils and you can be assured that you are smoothing something good into your skin. Used as a massage oil, oil for the bath or skin conditioning treatment many essential oils have anti-aging properties.

Because many aromatherapy oils are too concentrated to be used directly on the skin, it is important to use a carrier oil as a base. A carrier oil such as sunflower seed oil or apricot kernel oil is best for those with delicate skin,. For dry skin, use a sesame seed oil, a sweet almond oil, or avocado carrier oil. Add several drops of the essential oil into the bigger portion of the carrier oil.

To provide your skin with extra pampering, after a hot shower or bath, since this is the time when your skin will absorb the oils, massage your favorite oil into your warmed skin.

A Guide to Aromatherapy Oils:

• Lavender – promotes cell growth and has a calming effect
• Chamomile – reduces puffiness, calms sensitive dry skin, good for broken veins, assists in promoting skin elasticity and firms the skin
• Geranium – is a calming oil
• Sandalwood – controls itchy skin and nourishes aging skin
• Grapefruit – a stimulating fragrance and oil
• Cypress – reduces for puffiness and water retention
• Neroli - Regenerates skin, good for broken veins, promotes skin elasticity
• Frankincence – firms and lifts skin, good anti-wrinkle properties, stimulates deep breathing and helpful in meditation
• Rosehip – quickly penetrating, rich in Omegas, rejuvenates aged, sun-damaged skin and assists with healing scars
• Argan oil – anti-wrinkle properties and also helps with healing scars
• Rose oil – very pricey but one of the best oils for aging skin. Also excellent for mood enhancement and relief of stress

For starters, try out this recipe for your first own organic anti-wrinkle oil. Rub it gently into the face and neck after washing and feel revived.

1 teaspoon of wheatgerm oil
2 tablespoons of hemp oil
1 capsule of evening primrose oil
4 drops each of essential oils of frankincense and sandalwood

Mix and store in a dark glass bottle, keep in a cool, dark place. Shake before using.

Using organic, healthy products on your skin is vital to antiaging skin pampering care. The best antiagin tips involve the basics – taking care of your skin, diet, exercise and the lifestyle choices you make. I will keep posting tips for best natural anti aging on my blog for you please check back soon.

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