Thursday, July 17, 2008

Exercise - The Best Natural AntiAging Weapon

antiagingexerciseThe best natural anti-aging tactic to fight aging and the diseases associated with aging is exercise. You will look better on the outside and be able to keep an ideal body weight, but on the inside, exercise does a lot more for your body.

Chronic diseases like cancer, arthritis, and heart disease can be traced to an improper diet and a lack of exercise. To keep your heart healthy, in order to combat the risk of strokes and heart attacks and high blood pressure, one needs to exercise regularly. Habitual exercise will help prevent obesity and also assists in maintaining hormonal balance which is so important as we grow older for both men and women.

For women, estrogen is created and stored in the fatty tissues; therefore, women with excess body fat suffer from insulin resistance and estrogen dominance. The problem with insulin resistance is that sugar is not used by the body properly. Insulin has been found in many studies to play an important role in the aging process. Insulin resistance causes problems with the adrenal glands which affects hormone levels and the reproductive organs. What happens eventually is that the body becomes completely imbalanced which leads to premature aging and the diseases that come with aging.

Regular exercise also assists in fighting certain cancers such as breast, colon, and rectal cancers. Endorphins are produced in the body as a result of exercise. Endorphins are the “feel good” hormones which relieve stress and contribute to our sense of wellbeing. In this way, exercise can also help treat depression and insomnia. The long term benefits of exercise in relieving stress symptoms is that over a long period of time, cortisol levels will be lowered. High cortisol levels are a dangerous situation to have existing in the body. How else can exercise assist? By strengthening the bones and muscles, osteoporosis will be prevented. Osteoporosis is another problem that faces men and women as they age.

How much exercise is needed? Our best natural antiaging tip is that we recommend about 20 to 30 minutes a day, for five days a week. Antiaging exercise can take the form brisk walking, yoga, bike riding or working out with light weights. Find the exercise you love and have fun doing and then stay with it!

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