Friday, August 8, 2008

Anti Aging Grocery Shopping List

Your health as you age is largely determined by the quality of the food you eat. You have probably heard over and over again, “You are what you eat” well, at any age, there is nothing said that is more true when speaking about nutrition and health.. We have put together an easy grocery shopping list with fantastic anti aging foods that are highly beneficial in fighting aging. Stock up on all these grocery items and eat these foods as often as possible.

• Olive oil – anti-inflammatory and clot preventing antioxidant phenols
• Ketchup – yes, you heard us right – ketchup! Contains lycopene
• Dark Chocolate – yum! Contains antioxidant polyphenols
• Citrus fruits – for beta-carotene, zeaxanthin
• Garlic – reduces cholesterol, prevents blood clots, boots the immune system
• Fresh Herbs – contain antioxidants
• Dark Green Fresh vegetables – contain folate which reduces the risk of pancreatic cancer – better fresh than taking supplements and better yet – buy organic
• Broccoli – helps keep breast tissue healthy and helps rid the body of excess estrogen –
• Brussel sprouts, kale, spinach – for the same reasons as broccoli
• Sweet potatoes
• Salsa – contains capsaicin, kills liver and prostate cancer cells, protects against heart disease, high blood pressure, blood clots and high cholesterol
• Flax seed or other seeds
• Organic probiotic yogurt
• Fish – at least two times per week
• Black grapes – contains potent antioxidants
• Pomegranate seed or pure juice – cleans your arteries
• Red, yellow, orange peppers
• Dark purple or red berries
• Nuts, especially walnuts
• Organic milk – much better than regular milk because it contains more omega 3 fatty acids, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, beta-carotene, lutein, zeaxanthin

These antiaging foods taste great and are so good for you. Take this shopping list with you when you next go shopping and see how easy it is to eat for your health and to help you fight the hands of time.

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