Saturday, September 20, 2008

CLEAN & CLEAR makes a day SOFT with a new Moisturizer

So today I want to talk a bit about my new favourite accessory. No it’s not the latest iPod gizmo. It’s not a new watch or neclace. And it’s definitely not a new handbag. Because the most beautiful thing out there, as far as I’m concerned, is the simple and natural things in life. And what could be more natural than your own skin? You’ve had it since you were born. Nope. My new favourite “carry-along” is my bottle of, believe it or not -- skin moisturizing lotion.

I’m talking about my Clean and Clear soft DAY oil-free moisturizer. Now, don’t get confused. There’s a NIGHT version too. And I’m not talking about that one! It’s too thin to work the magic my DAY moisturizer does. And that, my friends, is a fact. Ask anyone and they’ll agree. The night one doesn’t come with the additional SPF 15 either. And actually, that’s the reason it’s not strong enough and up for the job. It’s why you have to put it on your skin at night -- no one can see your skin at night!

But for anyone looking for anti-aging tips -- I’ve got one for you: TAKE CARE OF YOUR SKIN. A good anti-aging skin care program is essential to the well being of the average citizen. You don’t want to speed up the aging process do you? And that’s why I love my Clean and Clear Soft Day Moisturizer. It keeps me feeling fresh and young -- even when you’re I’m ready for what life throws at me. And, let me just be clear -- by soft, I mean SOFT!! Like a silk scarf or a tiny kitten. Try it and you’ll know that the softness is imaculate...

All you have to do is take a quick wiff and I assure you, you will fall in love. At least I did. Love on first sniff.

Also -- it doesn’t just work with anti-aging properties that create softness. And it doesn’t just smell good. It also protects you from harmful rays and wind damage.

And it looks good too.

Let me tell you what I love about even just the packaging. Johnson and Johnson, the folks who bring you the soft baby bottom, may only have a small logo on the bottom of the white bottle, but stands strong and bold. On a rounded purple square reads the title -- written in white -- that catches your eye but doesn’t blow it away with wasteful ferocity: Clean and Clear. The rest of the lettering is an almost aqua blue, and it gives the sensation of being alive -- the spray of a fountain, the caress of a lover, the fresh breath of the morning -- just by even looking at your little bottle. Even the smallest detail of the skin-hydration product is tailored with care. Now the best part about my Clean and Clear moisturizer is its size. Just bigger than your thumb, you will have no problems finding a space for it in your bag, purse, jacket or jeans. It really is a transient multi-purpose accessory.

Ever have a friend say -- “OHHHH -- I hate when this happens to me. I’m so dry! This is terrible.”? Well, now you’re all the sudden their new BEST friend! Just whip out your little oil-free product from the zipper pocket you keep it in, unscrew the cap, and dole out some glistening white lines of blissful perfection. She’ll rub it in with a tender caress and feel complete and utter release. It works every time. You may, eventually need to reapply -- but the ecstasy you will feel just by using this product will be worth it, I promise you.

When I tried the soft day moisturizer it was an experience to remember. The sun shone down with a playful touch. There were children playing in the park. And the world moved on and on around me -- but I didn’t notice the rush, the endless hustle and bustle. I was caught up in my own bliss. The new taste life I sensed upon applying just the very least amount of lotion I could. Clouds soared overhead, as if they moved to their own rhythm. Buildings glistened with power. Men and women smiled as they moved along their paths. Because when you take care of yourself you find a place for yourself. Sheer satisfaction. I felt like I had just given my coarse skin fillet mignon. I got up from where I was lounging, ready for desert.

I’m sure they must have spent FOREVER figuring this gem out in the lab. Have you seen all the unpronounceable words on the back? They use sugar cane and sugar maple and bilberry and water -- plus all the other unpronounceable ones (like Arachidylglucoside, Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose, and Threonine for example) and somehow turn it into something that’s safe and fun.

I hope you like it too. :)

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