Monday, October 13, 2008

Growth Hormone –Does it Reverse Your Age?

During the last 20 years, there has been a lot of hype in the media about human growth hormone (HGH) and its anti aging properties. There are people who pay thousands of dollars to find the fountain of youth- but can growth hormone actually reverse aging?

Growth hormone is produced by a small gland (the pituitary gland) in the brain and is released into the body in small amounts. The maximal secretion of growth hormone occurs during childhood and is carefully regulated . Growth hormone is a potent anabolic hormone and is important for the growth of bone, muscle and tissues. By the time most individuals reach their 40s, the amount of growth hormone starts to decline.

There are many people, especially in the medical profession, who believe that the decline of growth hormone at this time period is responsible for aging. Wrinkles, fines lines and saggy skin have all been attributed to the decline of growth hormone. Such claims have inundated the internet creating a frenzy among people wanting to reverse aging. This has resulted in a growth in the marketing of growth hormone. It appears no one wants to get old and many people are seeking growth hormone injections. However, the evidence that growth hormone is the fountain of youth is non-conclusive or non existent. Only anecdotal reports exist- and these come mainly the manufacturers of HGH who have a vested interest in the hormone.

In clinical medicine, Human Growth Hormone is only available with a physician’s prescription and is administered intramuscularly as an injection. Growth hormone is often prescribed for people with documented growth hormone deficiency and is never prescribed to reverse aging. Growth hormone deficiency is most often seen when the pituitary gland is destroyed by brain tumors, surgery or radiation therapy. Individuals who often receive GH injections are those with short stature with a variety of medical conditions.

Human Growth Hormone injections are known to increase bone density, muscle mass and improve physical endurance. There are many individuals who have received growth hormone over a period of many years and yet all of them have aged; there is no scientific evidence where an individual receiving growth hormone had not aged. While it is accepted to administer HGH to individuals who have HGH deficiency, HGH is almost never prescribed to healthy individuals because it has potentially strong side effects.

As far as its anti aging abilities, there are none. Today there are many websites which also sell growth hormone as a pill that is said to produce the same effects as the injection. These growth hormone releasers are heavily marketed all over the internet. In all likelihood, the pill is broken down in the stomach and the protein is digested by the acids.

As far as we know, there is no conclusive evidence that HGH (Human Growth Hormone) has any anti aging abilities.. For individuals who want to remain young, the only treatment is to exercise, eat a healthy diet and leave the rest up to Time.

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Most people today are taking growth hormone in homeopathic form because of its safety and gentleness.