Thursday, January 8, 2009

Best Anti Aging Face Creams

There are hundreds of anti aging face creams. Almost every website claims that they have the magic bullet. Other websites claim that they have the best formula to help reverse the signs of aging. Some websites list no ingredients and others list 100s of ingredients. Some websites are lavish, elegant and have photos of Hollywood stars. Some firms who sell anti aging face creams list their prices, others do not. For the average consumer this can get pretty confusing. Everyone wants the best anti aging face cream but is there such a cream on the market?

Because there are so many antiaging creams on the market, the consumer has to make an effort to learn about the ingredients and know what to look for.

Before buying any anti aging face cream, read the label and find out what the ingredients are. If there is a product with great claims but no ingredients listed, simply walk away. There is plenty of news nowadays about unscrupulous people adding toxins and fake chemicals in the food industry and unfortunately, the cosmetic industry is not that much better. In fact it is even less regulated than the food industry.

The next step should be to check for testimonials; surf the website and determine what other consumers are saying about the product. Go to the particular website and find out if the customer service is great, write an e mail to the company, ask questions and always read the refund policy. Many manufacturers sell expensive cosmetic products and have strict refund and exchange policies.

Many of the decent beauty skin care sites also have pre and post photos of individuals who have used their anti aging face creams. There are even some cosmetic firms which offer free samples of anti aging face creams. If a company is willing to give you samples, it just shows that they have a lot of confidence in their product.

When it comes to ingredients which have been shown to erase wrinkles and fine lines, look for things like presence of copper peptides, Matrixyl, collagen, hyaluronic acid or Argireline. Do not go for the best smelling product. Products which smell nice usually have lots of synthetic chemicals and you are more likely to develop skin rash rather then get rid of your wrinkles.

For a decent best anti aging cream, be prepared to fork out some money. While there are many beauty firms who sell anti aging creams for less than $ 30, these products simply are not worth it. For a decent anti aging face cream with natural ingredients which can reverse wrinkles, the cost should be somewhere $40-$80. And please do not buy anti aging face creams from abroad. While they may cheap, the cost of shipping from the Philippines may not be worth it. And giving out a credit card to a foreign company online is more than likely to add years to your face.

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