Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Magic of Copper Peptides as Anti Aging Agents

In the last decade, there has been a trend of adding copper peptides to many cosmetic creams to reverse aging. The manufacturers who add copper peptides to these creams also charge exorbitant amounts for the postulated anti – aging benefits. But does copper really work as an anti-aging cream?

Copper is a heavy metal and a decent anti oxidant. In experimental studies it has been shown to stimulate collagen synthesis and also has the ability to heal wounds. Copper is an essential element for collagen to form properly. A few clinical studies have shown that application of copper peptides can increase collagen synthesis. This was proven by performing biopsies of the skin. Copper was much more efficient than either vitamin C or Tretinoin at reversing wrinkles and lines on the face and neck.

Currently copper peptide formulations have been shown to erase fine lines, increase the tone of the skin by stimulating elastin synthesis and reduce skin sagging. Copper is also a potent anti oxidant and has been shown to protect the skin from many environmental conditions including extremes of cold and heat. Copper peptides have also been shown to retain water, thus maintaining the skin hydrated.

The daily recommended allowance of copper is about 2 mg per day. For the majority of individuals this is adequate and easily obtained from the diet. However, free copper does not easily get to the skin. Simply buying copper and applying a solution does not guarantee access to the deeper layers. The copper has to be specially formulated with peptides to ensure that it will penetrate the skin and reach the lower layers where it can stimulate the synthesis of collagen.

Today there are many types of copper peptide formulations for the improvement of skin. For those who want to treat the wrinkles and fine lines, Copper based products are available all over cyberspace. It is important to read the labels to ensure that copper peptides are present if you want a cream which as anti aging properties.

The prices of copper peptide based formulation are also expensive.

Finally, aging is a complex issue and there is no one mineral or element which can turn back time. While copper peptides may not be the ultimate panacea for aging, the creams will certainly bring back some youth and beauty

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