Thursday, June 11, 2009

Anti Aging Tips on a Budget

In the world of anti aging, we are learning about so many products and services but they are all costing a small fortune. In the current recession, who has the money to splurge on expensive moisturizers? Everybody is hunting for a bargain during these uncertain economic times. Still, you don’t want to stop caring for your skin as it ages. Heavens, no! You should still take care of yourself, even though money is tight.

I decided to write about a couple of cheap anti aging tips for you. There are also good products available on the market that won’t cost you a small fortune to stock your bathroom with beauty products.


Decide on a classic hairstyle that suits you, find a photo of someone with the hairstyle you want and instead of having your hair cut in an expensive salon, seek out a place that offers low prices on hair cuts.

Color your own hair and cover your grays with Nice ‘n Easy Solutions. Developed to give natural coverage to your grays – even if you are 50% or more gray and you get salon color results on your hair. Find the color that works for you and stick with it each time you color your hair.

Make up Remover, Hair Treatment, bath oil:

I hate to share this trick because everyone will go out and buy some and the price might go up. First of all, finish up that expensive make up remover, but save the bottle. Now, I have two cheap anti aging tips for you. If you want to go natural, use extra virgin olive oil to remove your make up. Not only is olive oil a necessary component in your diet to prevent the diseases of aging, it is a fabulous moisturizer, hair treatment and makeup remover. Fill up that left over make up remover bottle with olive oil and start using it in the bathroom.

Another cheap anti-aging tip – do what stunner Sophia Loren does – and she is a beauty still 74 years old. Not only does she eat the Mediterranean diet, but she occasionally uses olive oil as a bath oil. It is a great tool to keep your skin smooth and soft. This is one of the best natural anti aging skin care tips I know of.

If you don’t need to use a natural product, another cheap anti-aging tip is to use baby oil as a makeup remover. It does the trick and you can also use it in the bath as a bath oil and for shaving your legs. Super moisturizing.

Anti aging lip care:

Keep your skin soft by using Vaseline ointment on your lips. This is one of the cheapest best anti aging tips I can give you for your lips. A jar cost so little and lasts you forever.
Teeth Whitening

I used Crest Whitestrips Renewal Age-Defying Strips on my teeth. First I went to the dentist and had my teeth totally cleaned. Then I used the product for the 10 days. Yes, it whitened my teeth and cost so much less than if I had the service done at the dentist. It left my teeth whiter than they had been in 20 years.

Anti aging Hair Care Tips:

For anti aging hair care tips, I find the Pantene line of products a great deal for the price. For thickening up thinning hair, Use the Pantene Pro-V Full & Thick collection. It’s full of vitamins and helps promote the look of fuller, thicker hair.

Body Wash:

Use Olay Age Defying Body Wash for your skin. It’s also a bargain price and gently cleans and nourishes the skin. It contains Vita Niacin which penetrates the surface of the skin and fights the dryness you experience as your skin ages. They promise younger looking skin in only seven days.

Anti aging Skin Care Tips:

For taking care of your skin, here is a product which is cheap and softens and moisturizes your skin. Olay Body Age Transforms Body Crème Serum, when used daily can fight the five signs of aging in the skin. Skin ages by becoming dry, dull, loses elasticity and the color becomes uneven. This great anti aging moisturizer leaves your skin soft and completely moisturized.

Anti aging tips for the face:

Olay makes some great products at bargain prices. Another great one to use for anti-aging is the Olay Definity Deep Penetrating Foaming Moisturizer. This product fights discoloration in the skin and dullness and will give results in just eight weeks.

Anti aging tips for Makeup:

Stop spending a fortune on makeup. Cheap makeup is the same as expensive makeup except for the packaging. You will get the same results. However, for foundation and pressed powder, Cover Girl has some cheap anti aging makeup products I highly recommend. Their Advanced Radiance Age-Defying liquid makeup which contains Olay skin care ingredients helps minimize wrinkles, imperfections and discoloration. Their pressed powder contains skin conditioning and brightening ingredients which helps combat dullness as we age.

In conclusion, you don’t have to spend a fortune to be beautiful and to fight the hands of time. There are lots of cheap anti aging products for you to use. Follow these anti aging tips, don’t smoke (that costs a fortune), drink red wine occasionally, exercise and eat right and you will be saving money on anti aging beauty products and fighting the aging process.

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