Saturday, October 29, 2011

Suzanne Somers' Weightloss Supplements Formula

Suzanne Somers recently published one of the most helpful books for women over 40 who want to lose weight. She is living proof that her recommendations on diet work. Suzanne lives what she preaches and then spreads the word. Her book “Sexy Forever – How to Fight Fat After Forty” is the most informative guide to weight loss for women over 40 on the bookshelves now.
Not only does Suzanne supply us with a diet plan but her book recommends daily exercises and is full of healthy, delicious recipes to help promote weight loss. I like her recommendations for an easy exercise plan consisting of her “daily moves” to get healthy and stay sexy. A little bit of yoga stretching, a few stomach exercises, exercises to get your heart pumping, a little weight resistance training and in a few weeks you'll be looking and feeling better.

But there's more than just this. She tells us about what is causing us to lose our health and our ability to lose weight. It's toxins in our foods and our environment that's to blame. Suzanne helps us to get rid of those toxins in our food and environment to clear our systems for losing weight. Every diet should begin with a detox diet and you'll find instructions on how to detox your body to prepare for weight loss after 40.

Suzanne also informs us of the nutritional supplements necessary to lose weight after 40. there is a comprehensive list of the supplements we should take as we grow older and there is Suzanne Somers' sexy weight loss formula which works in tandem with the detoxing, healthy diet, and daily moves exercise plan.

What's the ingredients of Suzanne Somers Sexy Weight Loss formula? The ingredients are a combination of supplements which have demonstrated in scientific studies to promote weight loss and reducing the waist line. They are combined together and you drink them twice a day before your two biggest meals of the day. The ingredients consist of four natural supplements for weight loss. They are LuraLean 2000 mg, Phaseolus vulgaris (white kidney bean extract ) 445 mg, Irvingia (west African plant extract) 150 mg, and green tea phytosome, 150 mg. You've probably never heard of these before because I've never heard of them before either. These are available in a formula which you mix with water and drink twice a day.

What is LuraLean? Well LuraLean I found out is an ingredient which helps to block calorie, fat and carbohydrate absorption. What more could you ask of a supplement? It is taken before your two biggest meals of the day. There has been research done on this natural supplement for weight loss. LuraLean, I found out is a fibre. People involved as test subjects in the study lost more weigh over an eight week period than those who were taking the placebo. In fact they lost 5.5 pounds on LuraLean as compared to those not taking it, over the two month study. Also found in the research was that the blood levels of bad cholesterol, LDL, triglycerides were substantially lowered for those taking LuraLean. I think I'll have to get some of this right now.

The second ingredient of Suzanne Somers Sexy Weight loss formula is the white kidney bean extract or known by its Latin name as Phaseolus vulgaris. Phaseolus vulgaris is a dietary supplement and has also been shown to reduce the waist line and promote weight loss at a faster rate than those taking a placebo in scientific studies. These research studies also showed a reduction in triglyceride levels and keep blood glucose levels stable.

Irvingia, a West African plant extract is also a part of Suzanne Somers' Sexy Weight Loss Formula. What's so great about Irvingia? It helps promote the activity of the hormone leptin which helps tell us when we have eaten enough and breakdown the fat cells. Irvingia also helps out with insulin sensitivity which is a good thing too in helping us deal with our difficulty in losing weight after 40.

Lastly, green tea extract is, obviously, from green tea which helps to speed up weight loss and is good for your health in so many other ways. You can drink three to four cups of green tea to combat tiredness and speed up your metabolism or you can take 150 mg of green tea extract which is equivalent to three cups of green tea per day. Green tea is very good for you and should replace your coffee consumption. It is the polyphenol compounds in the green tea that boost your metabolism.

You can purchase this Suzanne Somers recommended Sexy Forever weight loss supplements formula from her website where you can buy a month's supply or else buy them, certified authentic Life Extension products, online from Amazon, the most trusted online store on the internet and have them delivered safely and directly to your home. If you want to actually read Suzanne Somers “Sexy Forever – How to Fight Fat After Forty”book, you can also buy the book or the Kindle edition for a price much lower than the bookstore from Amazon.

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