Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Suzanne Somers Interviewed About Ageism in Hollywood

Suzanne Somers was interviewed on TV on The Insider show about ageism in Hollywood and her views on celebrity infidelity. Although some stars in Hollywood such as Jane Fonda, Sharon Stone, Juliette Binoche and Julian Moore do find good roles, generally, there are not a lot of interesting roles for female actors in Hollywood. It seems that once an actress hits 30 - 35 years of age, the good acting roles dry up. Male actors find acting roles, no matter what their age. They are often paired up in relationships with female stars almost half their age or less.

Hollywood stars have to undergo botox, plastic and cosmetic surgery and starve themselves just to remain "young looking" as the roles become less available.

Not only does ageism exist in Hollywood, ageism is very present in the workforce. It is more difficult for older women to find work in the workforce. Ageism, like any other prejudice pre-judges a human being.

What can you do to fight ageism? If you are in a position to hire, don't hire a person just based on their looks or youth. Hire the best person for the role and let their qualifications and experience guide your hiring decision. If you are in Hollywood, hire actors in the appropriate age group to play opposite the male star.

The ironic news about ageism in the workforce is that with declining population levels, corporations will have to rely on and hire older workers who want to work because there will be too many people collecting pensions and not enough young workers to support the pension system.

Looking your best as you grow older can be helped by using good antiaging creams, eat a healthy diet, exercise to keep yourself in the best shape. Get a great haircut and don't dress in old fuddy clothes. Dress professionally for the workplace, not trying to be a 22 year old, but wear classy, nice styled clothes. If you need it, see your cosmetic surgery doctor for some collagen injections, but don't overdo it. The final advice is, get rid of your stress and keep a happy and optimistic mood. Let your happiness spread around.

Slowly, attitudes will change in the workplace and hopefully Hollywood will make movies that reflect real life more closely. I mean, how often do you see a 67 year old man who's all saggy and baggy, married or falling in love with a 22 year old hot thing? It doesn't happen very often unless the old man has stacks of cash.

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