Monday, January 2, 2012

Peptide Anti-Aging Facial Cream

I couldn’t wait to try out this absolutely fantastic Anti-Aging Facial cream. As the French would say, it is “La crème de la crème!” It is jam-packed with some of the best anti-aging ingredients known to mankind, so I ordered it online from Amazon and it came to my doorstep within a week. I absolutely love this antiaging cream! It’s called Peptide 6 Anti-Aging Facial Cream by Mango Madness Skin Care. It’s rich, luxurious and leaves my skin looking and feeling more youthful – softer than anything else I’ve tried.

Its ingredients include the maximum dosage of six of the most potent peptides currently available, including Argireline® and Matrixyl which are both stronger than the antiaging properties of Vitamin C and it works quicker than Retinol but without the side effects of Retinol. The peptides in this marvelous antiaging cream gave me a noticeable difference to my skin within a two week period. My wrinkles appeared shallower, my skin appeared stronger, less wilted than before. Peptides, you see, (the building blocks of proteins), in this cream made it all possible. The science also proves that peptides build collagen that substance we begin to lose as we age and lose the volume in the face.

The Peptide 6 Anti-Aging Facial Cream comes in a 30 ml, 1 oz jar and sells for just $59.00 and it’s worth every penny in my books. Peptides, the research shows are supposed to improve the depth of wrinkles, fill out lost facial volume and smooth the skin. How do they do this? They are the “messengers” of the natural daily process of tissue repair.

The following is a description of the actual peptides used in the Peptide 6 Antiaging Facial cream:

"Argirilene® is an anti-wrinkle inhibitor that will reduce pre-existing wrinkle depth and relax facial tension.
Leuphasyl compliments the action of Argirilene by modulating muscle contraction, especially beneficial for reducing depth of wrinkles around the eye and forehead areas. Octapeptide is an elongation of Argirilene. By extending and lengthening the muscle under tension, it reduces wrinkle depth in your skin.
Matrixyl 3000 contains 2 lipopeptides, which leads to the synthesis of new collagen. This peptide stimulates Collagen I, III & IV. It also increases elastin while repairing the skin matrix and epidermis.
Tripeptide, a safe, synthetic snake venom, temporarily debilitates the muscle, keeping it from contracting, thereby smoothing lines in wrinkle prone areas. These peptides can significantly modulate muscle contraction, thereby destabilizing the cell so it cannot release the neurotransmitters that make the muscle contract. This prevents the formation of lines and wrinkles."

Instead of heading to a cosmetic surgeon so fast, try Peptide 6, because it’s a safer, cheaper and milder option to consider before you begin to have Botox (Botulinum Toxin) injected into your face. Because it builds up volume and collagen, it’s much easier and cheaper as an alternative to Botox. Peptide 6 can also work on sun damaged skin and help repair the aging that comes with that situation.

You can use Peptide 6 Anti-Aging Facial Cream as both your day cream and your night repair cream. I’m absolutely loving this one and found it of a higher quality than the store-bought antiaging creams I’ve used before. I doubt I’ll ever go back to anything else.

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