Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Staying Fit After Forty: A Guide to Midlife Health with Antiaging Exercise

antiagingexercise - outdoorIt should be no surprise that exercise at any age is beneficial, but it might come as a bit of a shock to find out that leading a sedentary life is as dangerous when it comes to heart disease as smoking. Study after study proves that even the smallest amounts of daily antiaging exercise can lower the risk of death even if you don’t start until after you're forty.

So what's the real deal behind antiaging exercise? We know that it's good for us and even that some sort of exercise program is being followed by millions of people worldwide, but we might not know exactly why. Of course it's all about the heart and how it pumps blood, but it's a proven fact that the heart that exercises has less strain that one that doesn’t. So it stands to reason that some kind of antiaging exercise program leads to a longer life. With that out of the way, it becomes important to know what kinds of exercise is appropriate for people over forty.

Backs And Abdomens

One of the first things that we need to do is define what manner of antiaging exercise is best for people in this age bracket. There are several areas that each age group needs to focus on, and with those over forty the experts suggest that they keep their backs and abdomens strong. Therefore, sit up and crunches are a great way for these people to maintain their health.

Another area that they might not be familiar with is balance. As people age, they lose part of this sense but a little practice can keep this important characteristic sharp. Remember too that the focus for the mid lifer should be moderation. There's no need to push too hard anymore; in fact, some of the more strenuous activities can be harmful rather than beneficial.


antiagingexercise - bikingYou might need to change a few activities as well. Some mid lifers that are particularly concerned with their health give up the more strenuous sports like tennis and take up something a little more mellow like mountain biking. It's important to remember that no matter what you decide to do as part of your routine at this age, the preparation work at the beginning becomes important. Stretching is one of the things that you'll need to take more seriously so that you don’t wind up hurting yourself no matter what low impact antiaging exercise you decide on.

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