Sunday, December 18, 2011

Yoga and its effects on aging

Lots of people practice Yoga for anti-aging because it keeps their bodies toned and their mind focused and is one of the main weapons in fighting aging. This ancient form of exercise that originated in India has become a popular form of antiaging exercise all over the world because of its beneficial effects on the human body. You could say that people become “addicted to their yoga classes and cannot survive without them. What many people do not consider the fact that it is also very beneficial to people dealing with the effects of aging.

Anti-aging Yoga is not necessarily a strenuous exercise but it does help to improve one’s blood circulation. More advanced classes of yoga can become strenuous to the novice, but as one shapes up and progresses through a yoga program, it can become quite strengthening indeed. It can also help to increase a person’s immunity levels, thereby giving a person freedom from many common ailments. It also stimulates the brain as well as the pituitary thyroid, adrenal and sex glands to function better, thereby ensuring that the effects of aging are kept at bay.

Another benefit of this ancient form of exercise is that it gives a person excellent posture thanks to increased muscular strength. Apart from making the person look younger and better, this also ensures that the person breathes properly and from deep within the lungs, thereby leading to improved bodily functions. A practitioner of yoga will experience improvement to the digestive process and as a result of this, the process of elimination of waste and toxins from the body also improves.

Yoga also involves a lot of meditation and breathing exercises. A person who practices it regularly will be emotionally well balanced and will also have a more positive outlook on life. The reason for this is that through exercise – the body experiences an increase of endorphins and serotonin hormones – both hormones which make a person experience a great sense of well being. This optimistic attitude has a good effect on the body as well and the person will retain a more youthful look in the face and body. People who are having a hard time dealing with the onset of aging will definitely benefit from following these exercises. A person would require an instructor’s help at the outset but you can switch to practicing it at home once you’ve gained enough expertise and experience which comes from knowing the positions, the moves and the breathing.

This is a very inexpensive form of exercise to do once a person gains enough knowledge and expertise to do yoga alone at home. Although yoga classes can get expensive, taking the occasional yoga class and then running a DVD on your TV can cost you less and help you to manage the cost of yoga. The nice thing about owning your own yoga DVD and doing yoga at home is that you don’t have to run out to the yoga studio or the gym, it can be done at any convenient time.

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