Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Best Natural Anti Aging Tips to Get Hooked on

Healthy habits are good to get hooked on - here are some new anti aging habits for you to help you combat aging. Start today with these healthy habits, get hooked on them and get the benefits of the best natural anti-aging tips here.

• Sleep – regularly find the time to get seven or eight hours of quality sleep per night.

• Do squats – doing squats regularly, helps increase the strength in your leg muscles.

• Cry every so often it will assist you to think more clearly. A good cry will reduce stress levels, strengthen your immune system and lower stress hormones. Rent a sad movie which will bring on the tears.

• Do wear sunscreen – wear it. Over exposure to the sun causes wrinkles and ages the skin.

• Protect your eardrums by turning down the volume – high volumes can permanently ruin your hearing.

• Cut down on caffeine. Make sure that you don’t drink more than 3 cups of coffee a day. Using caffeine as a stimulant to up, means simply put, you haven't had enough sleep. Coffee does help stimulate clearer thinking for us as we get older, but if you’re drinking more – it’s time to reduce your intake.

• For five minutes a day, breathe deeply. Deep breathing de-stresses you and massages your internal organs.

• Get involved with your community by Volunteering – the rewards are satisfying and assist your community.

• Quit smoking if you haven’t already. It lowers hormone levels, ages your skin and all of you, and causes cancer and other nasty diseases. You already know all the facts.

• Keep plaque and dental disease away. Floss and brush your teeth twice a day.

• Buckle up your seat belt. This keeps you safe in your car, and one day might save your life.

• Eat your vegetables. Start eating salads for lunch and dinner. Eating this way will supply you with your vitamins, decrease your appetite and assists with weight reduction.

Exercise your body for a half hour per day. It tones muscle tone, burns calories and fat.

• About every two years, throw out old pillows. Pillows end up being the home to millions of dust mites.

• Have more sex. As a calorie burner, ego booster, and stress reducer by increasing your levels of feel-good hormones (endorphins). It can also reduce headache and migraine pain.

• Every time you stop at a traffic light tighten your abs, tighten your butt - squeeze and release your muscles. This helps strengthen muscles in those areas which are difficult to tone.

• Are you getting the nutrients you require at whatever age you are? Talk to a naturopath who will help you by advising you what supplements you should be taking on a daily basis.

• Examine your breasts regularly to check for lumps.

• Regular washing will help reduce infections and the spread of disease. After wash apply hand lotion to keep your skin moist.

• Incorporate Stretching into your daily exercise routine. The benefits of stretching increase flexibility, helps prevent injury and feels good!

A lot of things you can do to fight aging are within your own control. These healthy habits are habits you can acquire now. These are the best natural anti agin tips you can start with today.

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