Friday, August 29, 2008

Meditation – Best for Anti Aging

maditationantiagingIn this day in age with all the stress our busy lives can get us, more and more people are looking for forms of relaxation. Meditation is a poplar method to relax. Not only does it help relax you on the inside, but it also helps take care of you on the outside.

Stress plays a huge factor in your aging. When you have too much stress in your life, your brain becomes over worked and sends a message to release harmful hormones into your system. These hormones can be linked to many problems such as high blood presser, heart disease and your immune system can become very weak. When your immune system becomes weak its very hard to handle a cold, and even a change in temperature.

Meditation is a great way to help defeat stress. When you start to take care of all your stress that’s on the inside, the outside feels and looks great too. When you meditate, you’re putting your heart through a deep rest. This decreases your heart rate and helps lower your blood presser. When you lower for blood presser you are giving your skin a chance to develop the ability to be more resistant.

Also when you meditate your training your body how to handle stressful situations. You can become more stable in your emotions and train your mind to function more properly. You can also achieve a higher self-confidence and to discover your inner self.

When you mind and soul is balanced and relax, your body with follow suit. It always comes full circle so that when you learn to relax and handle your stress in life by using meditation, you are giving your body a time to relax and age more slowly, and also decreasing your odds of certain harmful diseases.

So not only is antiaging meditation good for your mind, it’s also very helpful for your body and antiaging.

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