Sunday, March 1, 2009

Tumeric- Super Spice that Make CAN You Look Young

There are many spices that have been touted to have anti aging properties but none has been more hyped up than Turmeric. Even though this spice has been around for centuries, very little is known about it.

Tumeric is a spice widely used in Indian cooking. The crushed power is readily available in most Indian stores. It is yellow in color and has a distinct smell. Besides cooking it is often used to dye clothes in the Orient. The stains caused by turmeric are very difficult to remove.

When turmeric is added to food, it brings a certain flavor. However, the right amount of tumeric should be added—too much and the food will not taste right.

Turmeric has been analyzed in the laboratory and found to contain many chemicals, the chief one with health benefits being curcumin. In the Orient, health care practitioners have used curcumin to combat various cancers and Alzheimer’s disease. Others claim that is may also possess anti inflammatory activity. Other ingredients found in fresh turmeric powder include vitamins, potassium and minerals.

Turmeric is widely used by the Chinese and Indians to treat a wide variety of digestive disorders, osteoarthritis, atherosclerosis, parasites, liver disease and open wounds.

However, recently there have been suggestions that turmeric may also possess anti aging benefits. Many health food stores sell turmeric in a pill and advocate it for skin rejuvenation and improving skin texture. There are many anecdotal reports that turmeric can delay the onset of aging and protect the skin against the sun. Unfortunately, all the positive benefits of turmeric are based only on individual reports. As far has as the skin is concerned, turmeric has been found to sooth the skin, decreases the itching and dryness in eczema and improves hydration. Some even compare its health benefits to aloe vera. Individuals who have used turmeric regularly point out the fact their skin is wrinkle free and smooth.

Turmeric is available as a powder, liquid or as tincture. Even though the product is relatively safe, excessive use has been known to result in peptic ulcers. Even though it can be used as a food flavoring agent, some alternative health care practitioners recommend taking turmeric on a daily basis to obtain the medical benefits.

Even though clinical trials are lacking to confirm the real benefits of turmeric, you can rest assured that with turmeric not only will your food taste great but if you are lucky, you will have a skin which is young and beautiful looking.

Turmeric powder is best bought as a powder and sells for less than $3-$4 per pound. Research has shown that turmeric is a best anti-aging tip to be added as a spice or supplement to your daily intake of nutritional supplements.


mr said...

Great article. Recently, I started taking Tumeric myself, and have been living longer ever since.

I am involved in the manufacturing of Tumeric, and have compiled a lot of scienctific research on Tumeric, and its known benefits.

Did you know that there are studies showing that Tumeric helps negate the harmful effects of smoking?

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Linkvillage said...

Yes, I agree that turmeric is very beneficial to the human body. I didn't know that Turmeric could help negate the harmful effects of smoking. This is useful information. If you would like to write an article on your research, I would welcome the contribution, then we could link to your site.