Monday, September 7, 2009

Anti Aging Diet Tips

After a certain age it becomes more and more difficult to lose weight. This is because of a variety of factors, including insulin levels, decreased activity levels, increasing stress levels, declining hormone levels (including progesterone and estrogen and the foods that we consume on the traditional western diet. Basically, after a certain age, we need to change a few things in our daily lives to lose weight. Here are some anti aging tips for those who are trying to lose weight after a certain age.

However, you must know that until you balance your hormones and replace the ones you are losing as you age, no matter what you do, you will not be able to lose weight. Talk to your doctor about symptoms you may be experiencing if you think you have reached menopause. Your doctor will perform a simple blood test and prescribe some bioidentical hormones such as estrogen and progesterone and perhaps testosterone to get your hormone levels back up to what they were before you started experiencing these symptoms. You may even find that once your hormones are balanced, you will start losing the weight naturally.

As well as balancing your hormones, you have to change your diet because your body can no longer consume the same foods you have been eating when you were younger. You must eliminate carbohydrates, sugars, processed foods and trans fat. These types of foods automatically cause you to gain weight especially around your middle. You should also know that there are hormone diets which will help you to balance your hormones and make you healthier and have a longer life.

There are many healthy anti aging diets which you can find by checking at your local bookstore or you can purchase on the internet. Try looking for books by Suzanne Somers, Dr. Oz, Dr. Schwarbein or Dr. Natasha Turner who has written a book called “The Hormone Diet”. All of these diets tell you to get rid of the simple carbs, get rid of sugar and white flour from your diet and eat whole fresh foods. They also recommend eating some protein with every meal. Their diets are very healthy and you will lose weight.

You should also get your thyroid checked to see if you have any thyroid problems. Many people, especially women will experience decreased thyroid activity and this will cause you to feel tired and cause you to gain weight around the waist line. If you are suffering from low thyroid activity – your doctor will prescribe one of the thyroid medications to help your thyroid. Again, thyroid levels should be checked by your doctor if you are experiencing the symptoms of low thyroid disease.

Be sure to add some anti aging exercise to your daily schedule to firm up your muscles, burn fat, strengthen your bones, your heart and deliver oxygen to all of your body. Other exercise routines to consider would be to start yoga which is so good for you and not only helps your body but also relaxes your mind and reduces stress levels.

For more stress reduction learn to meditate and take five to fifteen minutes out of every day to meditate. This helps you to relax and focus and also combats memory loss as we grow older.

One of the best anti aging diet tips for weight loss would have to be getting better sleep. People who sleep more, weigh less and are healthier. If you are not sleeping well, speak to your doctor. It could be that your hormones are declining and you have also lost a lot of the melatonin hormone which is the hormone necessary for good sleep. Go to bed earlier, try taking some melatonin supplements and sleep in a dark room. All of these tips will help you to sleep better and lose weight.

Try all of these anti aging diet tips to lose weight and not only will you experience a loss in weight and feel much healthier. Remember, speak to your doctor about your symptoms and he will be able to provide you with the solutions you need to lose weight after a certain age.

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