Sunday, October 17, 2010

Breast Cancer Risk After Menopause Heightened With Weight Gain

For anti aging during menopause, you've got to do a few things to fight the risk of getting breast cancer. Women tend to gain weight during menopause which increases their risk of breast cancer. Menopause includes the symptoms of sleep disturbances, hot flashes, dry skin and mood changes all contribute to a lowered quality of life for many women. Weight gain during menopause is also an issue for most women and also a major problem because the risk factor for breast cancer increases because of this.

The cause of menopause weight gain is directly related hormone imbalances and the loss of hormones. This weight gain occurs first in the waist and abdominal area. Women in menopause also appear to generally reduce the amount of exercise they get and this contributes to the problem. Compounding this, muscle mass declines as you age and is replaced by fat. We all know that muscle burns more calories than fat. Losing muscle mass contributes to the weight gain of fat. This is not a healthy place to be.

Because of the loss of hormones during menopause, the body tries to create estrogen in the fat around your waistline. This can lead to estrogen dominance which increases the risk for breast cancer

What Is the solution?

For fight the diseases of aging such a breast cancer, it is necessary to change your lifestyle. This begins with a diet and exercise program. Eating right and exercising during menopause is more important than ever at this time in your life.

The best anti aging tip for you is to lose weight, eat right to reduce your breast cancer risk. Also add exercise into your daily routine. An anti aging diet and exercise program are your best bets. Remember also to supplement your diet with nutritional supplements that you may not get with your daily intake of food. Visit your doctor and have him or her test your hormone levels and get them corrected with bioidentical hormones. Do not use the synthetic hormones because they actually increase breast cancer risk. All good advice for aging well and living healthy.

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